Children's equestrian academy "Butenko stable"

Jumping Academy

This training course is possible only after the successful completion of primary school and the recommendation of the Head coach of the School. As a result, training develops rider’s skills for jumping Academy. The duration of the basic course is 1 year provided training visits with at least 3 times a week. The recommended number of lessons is 3 - 4 times a week. Depending on the results the rider can be allowed to compete at local and national levels.

Rider’s level promotion goes along with the Unified Sports Classification of Ukraine. Riders who have completed sports categories, provided by the Unified Sports Classification of Ukraine, get certificate of the appropriate sports category according to the demands of the Sports committee of physical culture and sports of Ukraine

To achieve high results on professional level we use specially trained jumping horses. The Academy does not provide at this level of training professional-level horses. The corresponding class horse must be purchased or rented by parents. The Academy strongly contributes into the acquisition of a professional class horses,
providing with professional advices and support.

Ukraine has assigned the following sports categories:

- The master of sports of Ukraine;

- Candidate Master of Sports of Ukraine;

- The first category;

- The second category;

- The third category;

- First junior level;

- The second junior level;

- Third junior level.

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