Children's equestrian academy "Butenko stable"

Сompetitions and tournaments

Competitions at “Butenko Stable” are considered to be the best in Ukraine in terms of organization and holding. Jumping competitions «Butenko Stable Cup» - is one of the biggest equestrian event in Ukraine.

Jumping - the most dynamic and spectacular views of equestrian sport and it is included into the Olympic program. The height of the barrier, depending on the class of events, ranging from 80 to 190 cm.

Since 2008, “Butenko Stable” conducted a series of tournaments in show jumping and dressage, including international ones, among which: «Niko Cup», «Lexus Cup», Cup of Ambassador of Georgia «Georgian Cup», «Top 10 Ukraine», “Equestrian Cup of President of the Federation of Ukraine Show jumping and dressage», «Butenko stable Moon Cup» and many others. Since 2009, the club managed to establish itself as the initiator and organizer of the «Butenko Stable Christmas Cup» series of children’s tournaments and annually organize 3-4
tournament for children aged 4-13 years.

Each event is visited by 800 to 1,000 guests and Club members. Events are transmitted by the leading TV companies of Ukraine and European channels, as well as the media.

Competition dates for 2019: 01.06-02.06

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