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“Butenko Stable”

The school was established in 2007. It is the first and the only professional center of children equestrian sport in Ukraine. The school was opened with the assistance of the President of Ukraine and participation of the best international coaches : Philipp Gerda - head coach of team of France t, Philippa Curry - the best coach of Great Britain 2013-2014 according to the British Equestrian Federation ranking. They are permanent curators of the school and the best teachers for our coaches and students.

We are proud to realize that many young Ukrainian riders who participate in national and international competitions,sat on a horse for the first time in their lives in our school. Today, they represent different horse clubs, but interest for equestrian sport and their first sport achievements have been with us due to the advanced strategies of
our couches and curators:

- Pony club for children (from 3 to 6 years old);

- All school horses are trained safety riding technique for beginners;

- Professional jumping lessons for children from the best European coaches;

- Guaranteed sport performance for children who attend lessons at least twice a week (sports

- Regular participation of the young riders in equestrian competitions in Ukraine and Europe;

- If a student-rider reaches significant sports results, the school provides with a specially designed training program and further promotion of a rider (European Championship, World
Championship - entry into the cohort of the best riders of the world;

- We offer special program on holidays “Sport week-ends”. Young riders under supervision of professional coaches stay in the park-hotel in the stable during the weekend. The program is very intensive and consists of training, horses care program, sports on nature, healthy food, etc. ...);

- During school holidays we regularly do “Equestrian campfor children”. The program includes riding lessons with leading coaches
and activity on nature;

An important part of children’s school is a security service. The enhanced security unit operates
at the school territory, so parents will never worry about the safety of their child.

SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR ADULTS (parents, club members and their guests):

- Riding lessons for beginners;

- horseback riding in the forest;

- Jumping and dressage lessons for amateurs;

- Steak- house
“PRIME BBQ MEAT & NATURE” (the best meats from all over the world, wine cellar);

- Park-Hotel (cozy rooms in a home-style);

- SPA program (bath, massage, rehabilitation programs);

- Tennis courts with professional coating (lessons with a trainer);

- Gym (most modern equipment);

- Large swimming pool (26 meters), Jacuzzi pool and, cozy sitting area (bar, solarium).

The PRIDE OF “Butenko Stable” - IS boarding FOR HORSES:

• balanced nutrition for horses from Germany;

• individual work program for each horse;

• the best veterinary, blacksmiths and groom from Europe

The mission of our school: revival and development of equestrian sport in
Ukraine for the benefit of the nation’s health.

Our values:

- strengthening Nation’s cultural and historical traditions;

- promoting healthy lifestyle and active recreation;

- development in children a sense of responsibility and love for nature and

- strengthening family values

Our goals:

- instill a love for horseback riding and equestrian sports;

- grow up the best jumping riders in Ukraine, create Olympic team;

- prize-winning places of our jumping riders on championships in Ukraine and

- the best team of professional coaches and management in Ukraine

Children’s equestrian school “Butenko Stable” was founded in 2008. Over the years, our young riders have learned to not only hold fast in the saddle, but also became the winner of prestigious national and international competitions. Our students regularly take part in national level competitions, improving their skills and qualifications. We are constantly working on teaching methods, closely watching the development of the world of equestrian sport trends, referring to the
experience of our foreign partners.

Our curators are the leading coaches and course designers in Europe. We are proud of the achievements of our sportsman’s by investing in their training and development of knowledge, experience, attitude and values, creating them the best conditions for training, boarding for horses, entertainment and recreation.

Methods of teaching

Methods of teaching horse back riding at our school developed by the best coaches and sports psychologists in Europe. Thanks to the good cooperation with international curators for eight years we had the opportunity to explore and formulate a common, proven and effective training system.

The systematic approach is the basis of the training process. The balance of the psychological state and exercise is fundamental in training riders of any age and level. All trainings have related tasks to achieve new goals or level.Every 3 months our international curators test rider’s achivements. Thus, the rider in our club has the opportunity to prove his skills and move to a new sports level in accordance with international standards.

Admission to the School

Admission to the school is held during the calendar year. Upon receipt of the child head of the School (or a responsible administrator) holds (together with the school’s coach) testing the child for physical training, interaction with animals, child motivation for horse back riding, psychological compatibility of the child and horse. Head of School conducts an initial interview with parents discussing the wishes and priorities, provides guidance on the preparatory process for the training, introduces the basic safety rules of riding and being in the
stable.According to the results of testing the administration of the school reserves the right toreasonably refuse admission of a child in the current academic year.

Rider’s skill assessment system

Rider training system is based on international experience of riding, years of
practical experience of “Butenko Stable"coaches and our curators - world-class riders. Rider’s
training level proved in domestic e[amination competitions every 3 months
during the year. Competition is hold by examination committee of “Butenko Stable” children’s school.

Every student who assigned for a certain level is awarded with a Certificate.
Graduates of the school get Ctrtificate of Equestrian School.

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