Children's equestrian academy "Butenko stable"


Communicating with the horse has an unusually positive emotional impact on the child. Horse riding form a sense of responsibility, discipline, helps to focus on one thing for a long time.

This training course is designed for children from 3 to 8 years. As a result of lessons children receive basic riding skills, general physical training and skills of taking care and communication with the horse. Duration of the course and results depend on the goals set for the rider, systematic training and desire of parents and children. Training course at this level consists of 4 levels and usually takes 1 year. The recommended effective number of occupation - 2 times a week.

“Pony-Club” will give to your children only positive emotions! Real
rider - it is not only the ability to sit in the saddle, but also communication
and understanding the horse, and it can only be achieved through taking care, preparation for each exercise, saddle the horse. Experienced coaches, individual approach to each child, well-groomed horses, friendly atmosphere create the ideal conditions for learning, all-round
development and health of your child.

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