Children's equestrian academy "Butenko stable"

Russian bath

Welcome to the Russian bath at a country side club “Butenko Stable”.

Especially for you, the best masters of bath rehabilitation, created a unique bathing ritual.

Rite duration 3.5 - 4 hours.

The bathing ritual includes: steaming brooms, rehabilitation massage, cooling, peeling and other secrets of our experts. Also, you will be offered fresh fruit and aromatic herbal tea. Visit a bath is accompanied with a general improvement of the body. The high temperature in sauna activates sweat glands. Together with sweat toxins and wastes easily leave the body . As a result, it improves the function of the kidneys, water-salt metabolism, skin becomes supple and silky.It calculated that during one visit the sauna the man’s body distinguishes from
0,5-1,5 liters of sweat. Lost body moisture must be retrieved, so you need to drink plenty of water.

Russian bath stimulates protein metabolism, which leads to a better digestibility of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. As a result, the metabolism is increased by 30%. Bath is one of the most effective methods of prevention of arthritis, radiculitis and myositis in the period between attacks. Bath is indispensable for chronic rhinitis, bronchitis, catarrh of the nose and throat.

The human body burns soaring cholesterol - the originator of the emergence of one of the most terrible diseases of the century - of atherosclerosis. The alternation of high and low temperatures provides a very useful effect on the cardiovascular system.

Sauna treatments relax muscles and reduce the content of lactic acid twice (it is formed during exercise and causes pain). So warm up after training is very useful. However, if the classes were too intense, you first need to relax. In addition, bath charges us with energy. It relieves nervous tension and stress,
improves sleep, appetite, performance, trains endurance and enhances immunity.

IMPORTANT: Sauna is not recommended for people with diseases such as circulatory disorders, or vascular insufficiency, heart disease, hypertension, acute inflammatory diseases, etc.
Therefore, if there is doubt as to the health and stamina of your body, first consult your doctor.

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